A Picture Of Refinement: Range Rover and Jonas Bendiksen Capture The World's Ultimate Vistas

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The first in a series of unique works entitled 'Ultimate Vistas' sees Norwegian photographer Jonas Bendiksen capture the dramatic landscape of his home country with help from the world's ultimate SUV: the Range Rover.

  • Land Rover works with Magnum Photos to showcase some of the most dramatic landscapes on Earth
  • World-renowned photographer Jonas Bendiksen used Range Rover, the ultimate SUV, to reach superior vantage points for each stunning shot
  • Epic vistas of Norway are the first in a series of photographic works
  • Subjects range from vast fjords and islands to the breathtaking mountains of Dovre

Land Rover and renowned Magnum photographer Jonas Bendiksen have revealed the first in a series of unique works entitled 'Ultimate Vistas', extraordinary landscape photographs captured with help from the world's ultimate SUV: the Range Rover.

Land Rover worked closely with world-renowned photographic agency Magnum Photos to showcase some of the most breathtaking landscapes on Earth.

Since it defined the luxury SUV sector almost half a century ago, Range Rover has achieved more than one million sales and sits at the pinnacle of the Land Rover family. The original Classic model made its debut in 1970 and over four generations the luxury SUV has established itself as a design reference, representing the ultimate in all-terrain capability.

Watch the film here
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This shot was captured after driving in the early October snow on the mountain plateau beneath the Dalsnibba peak in Møre og Romsdal county. The first snow had come the weekend before we arrived and covered a gravel track we were following.Light and timing is everything in what I do - when the things I'm photographing are so still the light becomes even more important - and this photograph was taken just as the last rays of the evening sun hit the higher mountain peaks.

To launch the series, Norwegian photographer Jonas set out to capture the dramatic landscape of his home country. Range Rover's intelligent technology, Terrain Response 2, enabled him to reach superior vantage points off the beaten track. It automatically selects one of its individual driving modes to suit the terrain and optimises the vehicle's settings for all conditions and surfaces.

Pictured right: The view of Geiranger village and fjord, seen from Flydalsjuvet, a gorge with rocky outcrops and waterfalls.

Jonas and his crew began their journey in the distinctly modern urban environment of Oslo, where they explored some of the city's award-winning, innovative architecture. They then travelled northwest through the Dovre mountains via the epic switchback roads of the Trollstigen.

They also visited the snow-covered plateaus and vast fjords of Geiranger as well as the Art Nouveau-inspired town of Ålesund. The entire expedition was completed in a production Range Rover TDV6 Autobiography, which transported Jonas, his crew and all their equipment. The Range Rover is the epitome of luxury, with clean lines echoing the modern architecture of Oslo and the unique capability that allows it to take such an expedition in its stride.

Oslo architecture
Geiranger Fjord
Climbing Trollstigen
Snøhetta reindeer lookout, Dovre mountains
Snøhetta reindeer lookout, Dovre mountains
Ålesund at dusk
Jonas's work has featured in the likes of NewsweekThe Sunday Times Magazine and National Geographic. He is known for his explorations of remote living as well as for capturing the beauty of nature, making him the perfect photographer of Norway's spectacular landscapes.

I spend my entire life chasing that perfect picture, but part of the joy of it is in that hunt. Photography is for me a language, a way in which I can express myself, and it has become a way in which I see the world. I love trips I can do entirely by driving. When I'm on the road I can stop anywhere and capture an opportunity in an instant. The Range Rover was the perfect partner for me in that respect.


Norway is made up of more than 50,000 islands and has an 83,000km (51,000-mile) coastline of fjords, bays and inlets. Few places in Europe have a lower population density, so remote living is ingrained in the national psyche. Yet it is also home to some of the world's most dramatic modern architecture, resulting in a breathtaking contrast between vivid remote and urban environments.

Further locations for the Ultimate Vistas series will include the USA and China.
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