A three-row Land Rover Defender is coming soon

three row land rover defender

Land Rover is planning a major unveil on May 31. That's when Land Rover will take the wraps off the all-new, three-row Land Rover Defender. It will join an expanded 2023 Land Rover Defender lineup that also includes a new V8 version of the Defender, and a few significant enhancements made to the powertrain as well. But the big news in 2023 for the Defender is the new three-row model.

It will of course be built on a new extended wheelbase that will provide the added space needed for a third row. The most interesting part of the three row Land Rover Defender is likely to be the rear head room. The Land Rover Defender offers one of the most generous head rooms of any SUV on the market today thanks to its unique design. Headroom is usually an issue with most three-row vehicles in that rear row, so we look forward to seeing just how much space the new three-row Land Rover Defender offers for rear seat occupants.

That said, just the idea of fitting seven people into a Land Rover Defender is very enticing. The Land Rover Defender is one of the most exclusive and unique SUVs offered on the market today. It blends off-road capability, rugged design, and exceptional capability in a way very few SUVs can in the luxury segment. An extra third row of seats will give the new Defender even more arguments to seduce consumers. Give us a call today to learn more

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